It’s probably been a couple of years since we last wrote a blog piece. It’s one of those things you’re not really sure if people like to indulge themselves in, but due to our increased traffic and inquiries, we’re going to bring it back.¬†First up is our new website!

If you haven’t had the chance already, we invite you to check out the new site. We spent a lot of time visiting competing companies sites, along with a bunch of random ones to get a feel of what the trend is right now. Below is a list of highlights we’ve adapted!

Full screen & clean interface

We’ve adapted all our text and images to reach out edge to edge no matter which device you may be in. This allows for a more immerse experience.

Mobile friendly

Pretty self explanatory. Whether you’re using, Apple, Android, or Blackberry (hopefully not many), the site will just work.

Selective media

We’ve gone ahead and taken everything out that is not necessary. We know what most clients are coming onto our site to see, and that’s exactly what you’ll see.

Quick view

Everything we offer will be available at a glance. No need to keep clicking through menus and pages to find what you’re looking for.

One click

Want to watch video? One click. Want to email us? One click. Want to call us? One click.

Live chat

Oh man- we are super excited about this one. Ever have a quick question you wish you can ask us? Check to see if we’re free on a certain date? Sure you can email us and wait. But now you can chat with us directly on our site. Get a response right away if we’re online!