One of the many questions we get asked is “Does your package include raw footage?” So today, we’re going to talk about what exactly raw footage is and if it’s something you should have!

Many people ask the question, but they don’t really know what raw footage is. They just know that their parents want it or they’ve been told by someone else to get it. The perception of raw footage is that it’s a continuous run of footage. Back in the day when videos were recorded on film and tape, most videographers would just kind of let their cameras roll for an extended period of time. So you would get something like the following –

It just goes on and on and on…super exciting to watch….

Now fast forward to today. There isn’t a lot of videographers that still shoot this way. We’re constantly moving to get different shots. (Exceptions being during certain parts of the ceremony and reception.) Wedding videos now are very dynamic and fluid. RAW footage isn’t a 30 continuous minute clip- It’s 1000 different 5-10 second clips. We are constantly re-positioning the camera. So now, raw footage looks something like the following –


Now used to give out raw footage, which was just strings of these random clips. We used to get complaints of “why is the camera shaking all the time” or “why are the clips so short.” So now, we simply don’t offer it. Our packages have our “documentary videos.” This includes about 80-90% of all the clips we have and we edit them into something that is enjoyable and presentable. Your videos aren’t missing any content.

For example, if John is giving a speech at your reception. We have A Cam on John, B Cam on the couple for their reactions, and C Cam is just floating around. Your documentary video would include ALL of John’s speech but inter-cut with B & C Cam. If you got the RAW footage, well, you would be starting at John’s face for a long time.

Below is actually a quick 60-second clip on YouTube which does a amazing job explaining RAW footage. We hope this short blog post helped for those wondering about this question.